Could One Of These Be The New runDisney Shoe For 2016??


12476020_10205333576438478_1695759879_nI have had a lot of people inquiring about the new shoe New Balance for runDisney is said to be releasing at the Walt Disney World Marathon Expo this coming week. As of yet, no one has said boo about what the new inspiration for the shoe will be. I do have confirmation that there will be a new shoe!!! I really do believe it won’t be released until the expo. With that being said, this got me thinking, who will the new shoe be based on? We have Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Cinderella, Donald and Tinker Bell already so who else could we be seeing with their own shoe? Let me explain how I came to the above pictured conclusion.

Many people have been predicting, with the success of Frozen, that we will be seeing a Frozen shoe. I say that won’t happen. My reasoning? We already have a blue shoe in Cinderella’s and Frozen is known for Elsa blue. I’m sorry for Anna but she isn’t the popular character from that movie. To add to that, Anna wears colors that are also already seen in other shoes in the collection. So, it is my belief, that Frozen is out.

How did I come to the conclusion that it would be a Belle or Rapunzel shoe? Let’s look at the demands. I’ll start with Rapunzel. I’m not choosing her for her popularity. I am choosing her for her color. People are mad about purple! They love it! Magic Bands come in a ton of colors and purple was finally added, due to high demand. Rapunzel is popular enough in her own right but her purple dress is why I am thinking there is a possibility she is about to have her own runDisney shoe.

Why is my other choice Belle? Belle is a super popular Princess. She has her own storybook attraction at Magic Kingdom. She has a restaurant, Be Our Guest, that is themed around her and the Beast (and is extremely hard to get a reservation for). Then add the fact that there isn’t a light yellow shoe yet. Donald’s shoe is bllue and more of a yellowish/orange. I really think I’m on to something here. With her popularity and original dress color, I think she has a good shot at being the next runDisney shoe representative.

I clearly have no behind the scenes knowledge of who the new shoe will be modeled after. I just like to ponder things and make educated guesses. That’s all this is. I’m curious if others have been doing the same. Have you all been trying to figure it out? Do you agree with me? I can say that I will be the first person waiting to hear Wednesday and I will announce it the second I know!

Who do you think it will be? Let me know in the comment box below!!

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