Disney Discovery- Mickey Hand Air Freshener

I keep finding these wicked awesome Disney air fresheners that I feel obliged to share. I love the glittery ones but, sometimes, an iconic Disney Mickey hand is necessary. With that in mind, today’s Disney discovery is a Mickey hand air freshener.

2016-03-14 00_20_00-Amazon.com_ NAPOLEX fragrances Disney Car goods mascot AC colon Pure Berry Micke

Aren’t these fun! I have seen this design in so many different aspects. I actually a lamp finial in this exact design. I love the idea of having them in my car, to kind of balance when I use the sparkling ones. It comes in one scent only, which is pure berry. I think that a nice light, fruity scent would be great in the spring and summer in my car!

These Mickey hand air fresheners are $20. Not bad for the set! If you like to show your Disney Side in the car, you need to check these out and you can do so HERE. Enjoy!


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