Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Adjustable Ring

I admit that I haven’t worn a good costume ring in a while. I am still loving my engagement ring and want to wear only that but, at one point, I collected quite the ensemble of cocktail rings. I love a good ring as an accessory. I found one today that works for every fashionista! Today’s Disney discovery is a Mickey Mouse adjustable ring.


This ring comes in 3 finishes: silver, gold and rose gold! Obviously, these are costume and not real gold and silver but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an awesome piece of costume jewelry! There is just enough bling to make me jump for joy. The adjustable part of this ring makes it work for any fashionista. This could truly be worn for so many reasons! It would work for everyday use, parties, Disney Bounding, wearing to the Parks…. truly, this piece is a necessity in a Disney fashionista’s life!

The price makes it accessible, as well. Can you believe this ring is $9.99 with free shipping? That’s unreal. It is truly a sweet deal and I am thinking one for me and one for every other Disney fashionista friend I have! Watch out, ladies, you now know what part of your Christmas present is! If you want to check it out closer, you can find it HERE. Stay fashionable, fashionistas!


Michelle is an avid Disney lover and fashionista who loves to combine her two hobbies. She loves to shop and find the newest and best Disney finds to share with her fellow fashionistas! Be sure to follow her on her Facebook page and on twitter!