Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Crystal Stud Earrings

I have had many people ask me about jewelry, where they can get it and something that not everyone has. I will honestly say I had never seen these before I originally posted them in January. People went crazy over them. I’m sure the price didn’t hurt their popularity. I was super thrilled to be able to find something for people that they had never seen. These earrings are not made by Disney and are not from the Parks so there’s a better chance the masses don’t have them. Allow me to share today’s Disney discovery Mickey Mouse crystal mini stud earrings!!!

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These are mini studs. I cannot stress this enough. This is for the earring wearer who doesn’t want something too large and is good for every day use. The reason I stress it is because in the reviews for the earrings, the only complaint was that they were smaller than they expected. Mini is in the title, people. These are silver plated earrings with clear, purple and black crystals. The Mickey head is so perfectly different that I couldn’t resist getting myself a pair. I love them. I wear them to work and I’ve had a lot of my patients notice them and comment. They are kind of like hidden Mickey’s, in my opinion.

Now, here’s the factor that will put you over the edge. These earrings cost…..$2.56. Not lying. The shipping is free. FREE! What?!?!?! That makes the total cost of these earrings $2.56. When I originally posted these they were only 1 cent… but the shipping was over $3. They are actually cheaper now! I am in shock. They were regularly $16.52. Now I don’t know about you but I was willing to risk it for that price and I was not disappointed. They would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

If you are like me and willing to take the plunge, click here to order yourself a pair of these earrings. If you do decide to get them, let me know what you think when you get them in the comment box below! I am dying to know! Happy shopping!

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