Disney Jasmine Soho Weekender Makeup Bag And More Available At Walgreens

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the new Jamsine Beauty Collection at Walgreens by E.L.F. In the article, we focused on the makeup side but today we are focusing on the makeup bags, more specifically the Jasmine soho weekender bag and a few others. I was recently perusing on ebay and found many one there at double the price. I didn’t think was fair to you all so I wanted to make sure you knew that just because it wasn’t available in stores, did not mean it wasn’t available at Walgreens’ website.


The weekender bag is the largest and most popular bag from what I can tell. For those of you who don’t  travel with a huge access of makeup, like I do, this bag may hold your makeup and toiletries which I believe is the intent. It has a handle and a zipper so nothing falls out, which is pretty important in any makeup bag. The print of Jasmine looking lovingly at Aladdin is so sweet and endearing that I know I would like to have it staring at me when I get ready in the morning. The most important thing to share, aside from all that, is that this bag is still currently available at Walgreens online for  $11.99 and you do not need to go to ebay and pay $24!!!


The Disney Jasmine roundup Bag isn’t even available in stores so you would need to check it out online. This bag is an average sized makeup bag to hold all your essentials. Another loving picture of Jasmine and Aladdin is captured on this bag. I think we are getting the theme here. This bag is $9.99, a pretty affordable price for a Disney makeup bag if you ask me!

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The Disney Jasmine Organizer is a different shaped bag but still has a zipper enclosement and a handle if needed. It is not as big as the weekender but it still helps hold a ton of stuff and keep it organized. This bag is also $9.99 on the Walgreens website and is not available in stores.

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The Jasmine Wristlet is a typical wristlet that just hold the very basics. However, we get a loving picture of Jasmine with her favorite pet, Rajah. It’s a little different than the pictures of her and Aladdin. The wristlet is the smallest and therefore the least expensive at $7.99 and it is also only available online at Walgreens.

Those are the four main pieces that you can get in the Jasmine collection that I wanted to share with you. The fact that you can only get these online, or at least that’s what the website will tell you, means that you may have missed them and we can’t have that!!! I love a good makeup case and I am sure all the Disney fashionistas out there do to!

Did this help you in your quest for a new makeup bag? Did you know about them? Let me know in the comment box below!

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