Disney Pins Aren’t Just For Trading! Looking At PINdant Jewelry With Beautiful Baubles

I have never been a pin collector (insert gasp here). I have just never gotten into it. I like collecting many different Disney items but this just isn’t one of them. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t think there are some awesome pins that I would like to have but I don’t quite know what to do with them. That problem has been solved now that I have found PINdant jewelry from Beautiful Baubles. Many of the pins that I have seen and loved can be turned in to beautiful pieces of jewelry by the proper skilled hand. Rachel, from Beautiful Baubles, is that skilled hand and has done just that. She has created numerous pieces of jewelry from none other than our favorite Disney pins. I spoke with Rachel to find out a little more.

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Here’s what Rachel had to say:

“ My latest listing is one that I have been wanting to make for a long time now- PINdants with crystals and charms. I’ve been making jewelry from the trading pins for a while, but I decided to use the Princess Cameo mystery pins for this idea because they are so beautiful and iconic. Each cameo is paired with character matching crystals or pearls and a small charm and then hung on a gold plated chain:

Snow White- red, blue, and yellow with small apple
Cinderella- clear, light blue, and white pearl with small pumpkin
Aurora- pink, blue, and light green (or your choice of Pearl) with small spinning wheel
Ariel- purple, red, and green with small shell
Belle- red, yellow, and clear or white pearl with small red rose
Jasmine- teal, light purple, and gold with small genie lamp
Tiana- yellow, cream, and green with small frog or spoon
Rapunzel- pink, purple, and yellow or purple Pearl with small sun or flower

As with most of my listings, the colors and charms can be customized to the buyer or wearer’s preference. I also offer many other pins as PINdants such as the shoes, nesting dolls, couples, best friends, and more!”

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I think this is such a creative way to use these Disney pins without having to pin them to your clothing, purse or in a trading book, I think they look like they were made to be jewelry! I love the fact that they can be customized to your liking, too! Who doesn’t want customized jewelry!?!  These pieces of jewelry range from $8.00- $30.00. If you use discount code disfashion5 at checkout you get an exytra 5% off!


I’d like to thank Rachel, from Beautiful Baubles, for sharing her inside scoop with us. What do you all think? Would you collect pins if it were in the form of jewelry? Which piece is your favorite?? Let us know in the comment box below!

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