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Disney Runway Shoe Ornaments Gain 7 New Designs!!


I love my Disney Runway Shoe ornaments. I spoke of this at great length many months ago and my opinion has not changed. In fact, since I wrote the original article, I have acquired more Runway Shoe ornaments and I officially need a tree just for them. Now, I’m not saying I need a 6 foot Christmas tree but a 4 foot tree would be absolutely perfect in the corner of my new bedroom! Chip doesn’t know it yet, but I will be having an all Disney Runway Shoe Christmas tree this year! There have been 7 new Disney Runway Shoe ornaments released just recently and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you all love them as much as I do!



2015-05-15 18.43.08

Let’s talk about them one at a time to give them the full attention they deserve…. just as I would if I was walking around the shoe department at Nordstrom or Saks. The first one I will discuss is The blue and yellow one…. can you figure out who this  represents?? It’s Dory!!! I think this is super fun since she is getting her own movie next year. The blue, sparkly shoe has this fabulous pink strap across the toes, as Dory as a yellow stripe as well. The heal actually looks like a fish tail . I think this shoe perfectly represents the pizzazz Dory so clearly has.

2015-05-15 18.46.002015-05-15 18.45.53

The Mrs. Incredible shoe is one that has nuances the non-Disney lover may not notice. For example, the criss cross design of the shoe straps represents Elastigirl’s arms! The Incredible insignia is boldly displayed so as to not leave any confusion as to who this shoe represents. The red is a flat red while the black is glittery, adding some true excitement to this shoe. I think Mrs. Incredible would be proud to be the owner of this shoe!

2015-05-15 18.45.322015-05-15 18.45.36

The pink shoe is that of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. The heel is his tail!! How creative is that?? The front of the shoe, if you look carefully, has the whiskers and nose of the Cheshire Cat. I like that the glitter stripes are maintained through out the shoe, from toe to heel. As a lover of pink, I am in love with this ornament. It’s just cheeky enough to be perfect.

2015-05-15 18.42.56

Let’s talk about the Pocahontas Runway shoe! I started singing “Colors of the Wind” as soon as I saw it. The leaves are so perfectly placed and the blue, dotted, swirly lines give the feel of the leaves blowing. It’s so creative! The heel of the shoe looks like wood, which is perfect for a story where Pocahontas spends all her time in the forest. Pocahontas is known for her dress which has a lot of fringe and the fringe is perfectly placed at the top of the shoe, along the strap…. and it’s suede. I think, all in all, the shoe is a lovely representation of the beloved Pocahontas.

2015-05-16 15.17.33

Now for the shoe that threw me for a bit of a loop. I wasn’t thinking back far enough to the classic characters. The orginals, if you will. This is the shoe that represents Clarabelle Cow!! I feel like Clarabelle is a hard character to capture because she has so many different outfits she’s worn. This shoe is an amalgamation of many of her different looks. Of course, there had to be horns. The color of the shoe is that of the dress I remember her wearing. She also used to wear a hat with a flower on it and that is the one you see on the back of the shoe. There are many images of Clarabelle wearing pearls and that is what the straps on the shoe are made to look like. I think this Clarabelle Runway Shoe ornament will bring Clarabelle back to people’s minds and I think Walt Disney would love that. Well done.


The Sally shoe isn’t pictured above because I didn’t even know it had been released until after I took all the pictures. In fact, I never did find all the shoes in one store. Look at the stitching on the heel. It’s so Sally! This she has a super intricate design but perfectly depicts the character, in my opinion.

The final shoe released is one very close to my heart. I remember going to EPCOT in the early 1980’s and being introduced to Figment. He remains my mother’s favorite Disney character. Now, we have a Disney Runway shoe ornament to capture his wonder. The shoe is a fabulous glittery purple color. Figment’s small horns and wings can be found on the back of the shoe. The heel of the shoe is Figment’s tail as is evidenced by the orange colored tip at the base of the heel… it’s exactly like his tail!!! I think I am going to need one of these for me and my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking to get your hands on these, you may have a hard time. I was just at Disney World and  looked everywhere. I found them at Days of Christmas and the hotel store at Beach Club. I never did find the Sally shoe…. Courtney, from Mouse To Your House found that one! That’s it. I looked everywhere. I even asked cast members and the majority of them didn’t even know there were new ones. They are not online. If you are wanting them, and won’t be at Walt Disney World any time soon, you can order them from Mouse To Your House  HERE. She will get them to you super promptly and ships international!

I am clearly super stoked about the 7 new Disney Runway Shoe ornaments that were released this week. I know I have to wait 6 months to hang them on my Christmas tree but I feel like Christmas came early!!!! Do you collect the Disney Runway Shoe ornaments??? What do you think of the new additions to the collection?? Tell us your favorite in the comment box below!!!

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