Fashionistas Unite With Disney Themed UGGS For the Whole Family!

I was visiting with a good friend and my pseudo niece last evening, discussing what we were all doing for the holidays. This lead to the obvious conversation pseudo aunts like to ask…. what would you like for Christmas this year? When I heard UGGS were high on the list, I knew that meant more people might feel that way. My little pumpkin is a fashionista and she is on trend! I realized that fashionistas could unite with Disney UGGS for the whole family this holiday season!


These are Minnie Mouse inspired UGGS, called Sweetie Bow, that come in both red and black. You may remember us talking about them back in January and that they were in adult sizes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Those sold out pretty quickly. These are the newly released UGGS for toddlers through youth. The good news for women that have size 8 feet and under is that these will still fit! Woohoo!! These are currently $195.

2016-11-16-10_52_47-ugg-official-_-womens-classic-short-tinker-bell-crystal-boots-_-ugg-com 2016-11-16-10_53_06-ugg-official-_-womens-classic-short-mickey-crystal-boots-_-ugg-com 2016-11-16-10_53_31-ugg-official-_-womens-classic-short-minnie-crystal-boots-_-ugg-com

We discussed these fabulous, bedazzled designs a few months ago and they are still available on the UGGS website. This may be because they are $450.Whether it’s Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse that you love, there is an option for you!



You be thinking, why did she say the whole family? It was intentional…. there are Star Wars UGGS for both men and women! The 2 designs seen above come for both men and women and there are more designs available for just men, as well. The UGGS site does not have any left but a site called 6pm does and they are all on sale!!! 30-50% off! You can’t beat that!

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These Anna and Elsa UGGS are also for kids only but if you are a woman with size 8 or under feet, they could work for you!!!!

There you have it. Disney UGGS for the whole family! These UGGS are quite pricey, I get that. I never said anything about affordable for whole the family! I just said they were fashionable! What do you think of the selection for the family? Which style is your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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