Harveys For Disney Couture Minnie Mouse Collection Still Available

I have mentioned Harveys for Disney Couture handbags many times over the past few months. They are an excellent alternative to some of the even pricier handbags made by other designers. I am not saying they are inexpensive but they are durable and slightly less costly than other Disney collaborative bags. That being said, they tend to also be a little less “in your face” if you will with the advertising. I had seen the Minnie Mouse collection in the past and, I will admit this, it is far from new. It’s over a year old. I didn’t think for a second that I had a shot at getting my hands on one. I was wrong! Harveys online store still has some stock! I thought I would share this news with you while taking a closer look at the bags available.

Before we get into the individual styles of bags, I’m going to talk about the print briefly. Many people don’t want an overtly Disney bag but still want to know that they are carrying one. I think this print is perfect for just that. It is a simple red with white polka dot print and then black bow and trim. It really has nothing Disney about it at all…. if you don’t know about the iconic Minnie Mouse. It screams Disney to me but I am a Minnie Mouse lover. So now that we’ve talked about the print, let’s check out the bags still available.


This is the Lola Satchel and it is my fave because it not only has the bow but it has ruffles! I will also mention that this bag is the only one that you need to email Harveys about because they are currently out of stock but you may still be able to get it. It retails for $264.


This is the Convertible Tote. I am not sure why it’s called a tote when it appears to me to be more of a cross body bag but, nonetheless, I still like it’s style. I clearly also love the bow. This bag is available and retails for $148.


This is the clutch wallet which gets it name for the fact that it can be used as a wallet but it can also double as a clutch! Versatility, baby! This one retails for $98 which I think is super affordable considering it’s versatility.


This is the large satchel and I think it is positively darling. I like the fact that it has the handles but also a zipper closure. Not all handbags with handles like this have zippers and that just makes me feel like a target for pick pockets…. perhaps I am a little paranoid. This bag retails for $148.


This is the medium tote. I don’t really have much to say about this bag as it’s pretty similar to it’s larger counterpart. This bag retails for $134.

So, as you can see, despite the fact that this collection is over a year old, most of the pieces are still available! That’s pretty rare so if you like the print, you should take advantage while you can!!

Do you like Harveys for Disney Couture handbags? What’s your fave print? Let us know in the comment box below!

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