John Lasseter Pixar Shirt Now Available

When I went to D23 Expo 2015 last summer, I shared a bunch of fabulous things I saw. One of the things I shared was this fabulous John Lasseter Hawaiian shirt with all the Pixar characters! It was exclusive to the D23 Expo at that time but things have apparently changed! In line with the Pixar slow cooker everyone is talking about, the John Lasseter Pixar shirt is now available!

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John Lasseter loves his Hawaiian style shirts. He has a whole collection of exclusive shirts that were on display at the Expo! This is the most recent shirt, to my knowledge, and all I know is that I had to wait in a 4 hour line to get one for one of my good friends. You don’t have to do that! They are now available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!!

The shirts are black with these colorful icons of Pixar characters all over it. It almost reminds me of a video game design. I love it! It is a men’s shirt and I was thinking that, perhaps, it would be a fantastic gift for a Disney male in your life! If you know a male Disney fan and he loves Hawaiian style shirts, this is for him!

This shirt is available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios only. It is not available on the Shop Disney Parks App or at the Disney Store online. It is, however, available from my favorite personal shopper Courtney, at Mouse to Your House! If you are interested in checking this out. you can find it HERE. I think it would be awesome for Father’s Day!!! Enjoy!

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