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Love Gemvara Princess Rings?? Here’s The Low Down on How to Get Them!


After posting pictures of assorted Disney Princess Gemvara rings, I have been inundated with requests. Where do I get them? How do I get them? How much are they? I thought, since so many of you are interested, I would try and compile some info for you. If you are in the market to purchase one of these stunning rings, I hope I can give you enough info to get you to the right place.

These different princess rings were not actually created by the Gemvara designers. A Disney fan, Sierra Rose, took her talents and headed to the Gemvara site where she used the customization tool and created them herself! Now that’s talent and patience.  This means that you can head to the Gemvara website and create your own Disney princess ring! Some people had commented on different rings that they didn’t like certain aspects of the rings and would change them. This would would be your opportunity to do just that!

When you go to the Gemvara website, you can go to the search box and type in Disney princess and then an array of different rings, that are customizable will pop up. You can customize these different pre-existing bands to create the ring that YOU think best represents your favorite princess. While I absolutely love most of the rings Sierra Rose created, I would also love the opportunity to create one of my very own. An extra perk is that engraving is free! I know that one of my favorite parts about these rings are the sayings that are engraved on the inside. It adds a special touch in my opinion. I also noted that the company offers free shipping, payment plans with no interest for 12 months and these rings are actually made in the USA!

As for the prices, they are not 10K, as one person noted. If you create them and purchase them from the website itself, they are actually much more affordable. Base costs are anywhere from $285 (for the Tiana ring) to $3195 (for the Belle ring). These prices could go up depending on if you change the stone or the metal from their listing but it is still much more affordable than I thought originally.

I thought I would list a few of the ones I have yet to post on my FB page. The possibilities to create are endless. Just remember, when you go to the site, you won’t necessarily find the exact ring you saw representing each Princess. Sierra Rose did those herself. They are also not listed as ‘Disney” princess rings as I am sure there would be copyright issues and licensing fees.




What do you all think? Wouldn’t you want to create and purchase one of these beautiful rings?? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!


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