Minnie Bow Alternatives Perfect For A Fashionista

I have made no secret how I feel about wearing Mickey Ears. I LOVE it. They are not just for kids. Truth be told, many of the good ones are too big for kids! There is one thing that does bother me about them, though, and that is the fact that they tend to give me a headache by the end of the day. I move them around and even take them off from time to time but they usually give me a headache if I wear them for a whole day. I needed an alternative way to show my Disney Side and I have found just the thing. I found Minnie bow alternatives perfect for a fashionista!


Minnie is my fashion icon, after all, she is the original fashionista. Minnie is known for her bows. Who am I to question the original fashionista? I found these Minnie Mouse bows that are actually hand sewn and have been stuffed and attached to a hair tie. The hair tie is replaceable if it should ever break. All you have to do is simply undo the snap and add a new hair tie. The hair tie can be moved and adjusted so that the bow can be situated perfectly on a ponytail, around a bun or even a top knot. The tighter you wrap the hair tie around your hair the more stationary the bow will be once in place. It’s ingenious! ON top of that, they are more affordable than Mickey ears!

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There are multiple patterns available at this Etsy store called A Fancy Finish. The store only has a few item styles currently but the ones they have are perfect for any fashionista. In the year of Minnie Mouse, this bow is in perfect timing! Whether you choose the red and white polka dot, pink and white polka dot, red sequins or the  Chewbacca design, you will not be disappointed!! Check out their site for more info at A Fancy Finish!


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