My Inspiration for Tower of Terror Ten Miler!



When it comes to getting ready for a Disney run, there is more that goes in to planning than the training portion. There is the whole concept of looking the part! You can, of course, look like what you are… a runner. The other option, in my opinion,  is looking like a character that would be Run Disney worthy. This requires  much thought and pulling from your character inspiration. The Tower of Terror 10 Miler is a run based around the villains and I plan to look picture perfect for all the photo ops. My planning is in the final stages and I do intend to share more about that in the near future but today I want to share something that I found inspirational in the planning phases.

There are many people, or characters if you will, that take the time to look the part for a Run Disney Event. I am one of these people.  If I can look half as good as these stars do then I will be more than photo ready for the Tower of Terror Ten Miler! Running in makeup and costuming is a whole separate challenge from actually completing the race itself! I found the makeup in this video to be completely attainable and manageable for when I run. The eye make up and lips alone will get the point across for your character. I know that, as a Disney purist, this seems a little like cheating on Disney. However, if you look at it for what it is, a talented group of artists in exquisite makeup and costuming, doing a clever twist on Chicago’s Cell Block Tango…. well, then you will find the sheer genius in this piece.   What are your thoughts??

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