The New Alice In Wonderland Vera Bradley Print Spotted At Disney Springs!

If you didn’t believe me when I told you things change at the drop of a hat in the world of Disney merchandise, you might start believing me now. The new Alice in Wonderland Vera Bradley print has been spotted at Disney Springs…. and it’s not supposed to be released until June 26th!

It would appear that my assumption, based on the sneak peek I revealed a couple of days ago, wasn’t entirely accurate. This print is not just of the Queen of Hearts. It includes the whole Alice In Wonderland family! I think the best evidence of this is the letter carrier or crossbody style in the first picture. That is straight up Alice. Though the collection, is more the color scheme of the Queen of Hearts, it is in fact not solely her.

How cute is this wallet? I am really intrigued because, within the same Vera Bradley Collection, there are both quilted and faux leather styles. There have been non quilted fabric designs and faux leather designs but not usually within the same collection! I love the twist with this White Rabbit inspired wallet. Wouldn’t it go perfectly inside one of the bag styles we showed above?

Are there going to be other styles available in this Vera Bradley Alice in Wonderland Collection? Quite possibly. The release isn’t supposed to be until next week and there are usually more styles available within a Vera Bradley Collection. I guess we will find out on Monday…. or over the course of the weekend if more appear. These were spotted at Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs.

With the early appearance of this design, it’s not far off to think they may be sold out before they even appear on the Shop Disney Parks App which was the original plan. It’s been a while since we have seen a completely new Disney Vera Bradley print, after all. If you are wanting to grab one of these up before Monday, our preferred personal shopper, Diane at Shop Theme Parks, will be listing them (or has listed them by now, depending on when you are reading this) HERE. She can also help you pick your placement!

Now that we can see some of the designs, do you love the new Alice In Wonderland Vera Bradley Collection or not so much? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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