New Pictures of the 2016 runDisney New Balance Shoes!!!

I recently shared with you the new 2016 runDisney New Balance shoes that are available at the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Expo starting today!! I am fortunate enough to have someone there that can send me even better pictures of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse shoes, to add to the pictures of the shoes I personally have, Ariel and Dumbo! Let’s take a closer look!!

dumbo rundisney new balance 2016 12400609_10153447694838983_6476426498293178776_n

These are the Dumbo themed shoes. I think it’s the small details that you didn’t notice in the first pictures that impress me. The peach colored lining and the small clip on Timothy Q. Mouse that you can purchase to  attach to the shoes, if you like to add a little something to your Disney shoes. These attachments are a $5 additional charge at the Expo.

2016 rundisney new balance ariel 2016 rundisney new balance ariel 2016 rundisney new balance ariel

rundisney new balance 2016

The Ariel shoes are AMAZING. I may or may not have posted that on my the FB page yesterday out of sheer bliss at receiving these shoes. They have Ariel on the back, a sharp red lining and, the addition they didn’t share in the initial release, a purple shell you can clip on to add some pizzazz! Love them!!!!!!!!!!! You can even buy Flounder clip ons!!!

2016 rundisney new balance minnie mouse  2016 runDisney Minnie Mouse new balance


Not pictured in the above red carpet Minnie Mouse shoes, is the glitter bow clip on you can get for them!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning! They are a $5 additional charge at the Expo, from what I have been told. Very reminiscent of the pink Minnie Mouse shoes with the black clip on bow in 2014! I love the gold metallic detail in the “N” and the white star dust on the heel of the yellow. These are my next purchase. They are  must have!

2016 rundisney new balance mickey mouse 2016 rundisney new balance mickey mouse 2016 rundisney new balance mickey mouse

Mickey’s shoes are bright and vibrant and red carpet ready! I discussed these in detail in the original article HERE. To my knowledge, there are not additional clip ons for the Mickey Mouse shoes… I guess that makes sense. I know my fiance wouldn’t wear them if they had a bow tie on them!

What do you think of the newest runDisney New Balance shoes?? Now that I have seen them, I can’t believe that I like them even more!! Details on how to get them are in the original article. Let us know which shoe is your favorite! Share with us in the comment box below!

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