New Pirates Of the Caribbean Dooney and Bourke Bags Spotted at Magic Kingdom!

Today was a bit of a crazy day. Not only did the Walk in the Park Dooney and Bourke bags appear on property (on both coasts) but a new Pirates of the Caribbean Dooney and Bourke print was spotted at Magic Kingdom!

We all know by now that a new Pirates of the Caribbean film is set to release May 26th (so like now). If it wasn’t apparent with the reviews of the film, it should be with all the new collections that have been released lately. This Dooney and Bourke print has arrived just in time for the release of the film (not a coincidence I am sure).

This is another white based bag with an all black print design. The color pop comes with the red lining! It is striking! This isn’t a typical letter carrier silhouette, as you can see, This bag can actually stand if you sit it down. Look at the bottom of it. The print is filled with images from the attraction. I can even spot “the red head!”

I will admit it’s not the print I love as much as the details. I love the tassel! I love the buckles and the leather straps. This really adds to an otherwise muted print, don’t you think?

Do you see what I mean about the buckles? The buckles, straps and tassels really add thatย hard edge a pirate bag should have. It’s like finding a lost treasure. I feel like this bag would work amazingly well with a pirate look. I want to see what it looks like with my outfit from Kohls from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

There is also a wallet available. They even managed to get the tassel and buckle on this small silhouette! So nicely done! The inside is super roomy and there is the outer zippered area for change.

(Satchel is 298, wallet is 158 and the letter carrier is 198 retail plus taxes of course.)

As of this moment, the Pirates of the Caribbean Dooney and Bourke bags are not available anywhere (including Disney Springs) but Magic Kingdom in Florida (and I am assuming Disneyland). They are not online or on the Shop Disney Parks App. Will they appear there at some point? Quite possibly. No clue anymore. I feel like you cannot speculate with these releases anymore. If you are not going to be in one of these Parks and you love this print, the only way to get it is through a personal shopper. Of course, if you are all about placement (which you should be when you are dropping this kind of cash on a bag), you should be using a personal shopper anyway if you can’t do it yourself.

Our personal shopper affiliate, Diane at Shop Theme Parks, is taking requests via email at [email protected]. She is super picky on placement, which works in your favor, and she can get you whatever bag you are looking for while supplies last. Just tell her that Disney Fashionista sent you and you will get the VIP treatment!

What do you think of the new Pirates of the Caribbean Dooney and Bourke bags? Are you a fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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  • OMG! Why didn’t they let us know about this sooner?? Thank you for giving us the details on this- you’re the only blog I can find that even knows about it!

  • I saw it released this morning on a twitter feed from Steven Miller but honestly, I just have eyes everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad I could get the news out to you, though!

  • My favorite Dooney style is the Lexington, but I really like this smaller bag! Your pic kind of shows the tag but I can’t make it any bigger to actually read the price. I have a co-worker heading to Disneyland in a week and I would have her pick this up for me if I only knew how much $$ to send with her!

  • I am also wondering what the prices of these bags would be. I hope they will still be in the parks in August! I love the attraction specific prints, I hope they continue making more! I’m thinking Peter Pan, splash mountain, or maybe a jungle cruise pattern.

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