New Retro Mickey & Minnie Comic Print Dooney and Bourke

I had recently heard of a new Retro Mickey and Minnie print Dooney and Bourke bag that had been spotted but I had not yet spotted it, personally. I am pleased to report it has been spotted and is available at the Disney Parks!

retro mickey and minnie dooney and bourke

Let’s discuss the new print, first off. It is a bright red color that is most perfect for Valentine’s Day! I know that Valentine’s Day is over but it still makes me think of it. I feel like red isn’t exactly a color that pops up in Dooney and Bourke Disney bags all that often, so it is a nice change of pace!

retro mickey and minnie dooney and bourke rero mickey and minnie dooney and bourke bag retro mickey and minnie dooney and bourke bag

This really is a retro bag is you look at the Mickey and Minnie design. They are back to their vintage looking selves in various poses. I have always enjoyed the vintage/retro look when it comes to Disney. It makes me feel closer to Walt!

There are 3 styles available: wristlet, large crossbody and a satchel. Basically, they have covered all shapes and sizes with only 3 designs!

These bags are not yet available on  the Disney Store online. Who knows if they will get there or not? If you are hoping to get your hands on them, you can get them through my personal shopper Courtney, at Mouse To Your House! She is ready and waiting. You can find them all HERE. They are also on the Shop Disney Parks App.

What do you think of the new bags? Do you like the red? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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