Rarely Seen Disney Cruise Line Dooney And Bourke Design Spotted

There are so many Disney Dooney and Bourke designs released, on a fairly regular basis, that it is easy to miss a design when it is released. I am guilty of having missed one. I confess. I was just on the Disney Dream and I spotted a Disney Cruise Line Dooney and Bourke design that I had never seen before! This doesn’t happen to me very often.



Have you ever seen this Dooney and Bourke print? I cruise on the Disney Cruise Line a lot and I had never seen this bag! I asked the cast member on board and he said it was released late last year. It must have been just after my last cruise! Whatever the case, I looked it up immediately after I got off the ship and I can’t find it referenced anywhere! I thought maybe my fellow fashionistas would like a peak at such a rare Dooney and Bourke.

There were only 2 styles, a tote and a pouchette, available in this print but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have more styles earlier on in the release. Mickey and Minnie can be seen, in their cruise wear, looking out a port hole at a cruise ship. It’s quite clever. I thoroughly enjoy this design. I think I like it more than my last Disney Cruise Line Dooney and Bourke bag!

These are not available anywhere online, that I have found, but they are available on the Disney Cruise Line ships (at least the Disney Dream). If this design catches your eye, like it caught mine, that is where you can find it. If you don’t have a cruise planned any time soon, perhaps you know someone who will be.

What do you think of this design? Do you like Disney Dooney and Bourke bags? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  • Not as often as I would like! I am finding it’s about once a year but I don’t know for sure. I will be on a cruise in September and I promise to share whatever I find. I know that there haven’t been any new ones since my last cruise September 2016.