Tangled Lantern Art is a Stunning Way to Add Disney to Your Home

I have an obsession with buying art prints for my home. Seriously, if I try to sneak in one more piece for our walls, my boyfriend might move out. However, this Tangled Lantern art print might be worth the risk.

Tangled Lanterns

Look how this stunning print perfectly captures the essence of Tangled. I love the deep, rich colors of Rapunzel’s kingdom and the different shapes and hues used for the lanterns.

I just want to the floating lanterns gleam (on my wall)! Wait, was that not that lyric?

Each print is on high quality archival paper with a 1/2 inch border for matting, and uses 100 year ink. Basically, this a good quality art print. You can also choose your art print size to best fit your wall space.

Art sizes

Prices start at $8.95 for a 8×11 print and goes up to $24.95 for a 24×36. No matter what size you choose to order, you are really getting an amazing bargain. Just try to find something like this at Target!

The Tangled Lantern Art Print and a whole slew of other Disney inspired art is available from FADEGrafix on Etsy.

Rapunzel is definitely in my top 4 favorite Disney Princesses. Which Princesses make your list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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Monica V