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The “Say Yes To Bows” Collection By Disney Boutique Is Perfection!

I love Minnie Mouse. I am sure most of you know this by now. Her bow addiction is another thing I love. You can imagine my  excitement when I came across the “Say Yes Too Bows” collection by Disney Boutique. It is positively perfection!

2015-11-01 20.03.04

There are shirts, scarves, purses and sweaters in this Collection. I love the Boutique line of clothing Disney has created. There have been many different Collections within this line for women and this is definitely one of my favorites. The Boutique Collection was created for the woman who can appreciate a story behind her clothing. The different collections within the Boutique line all have their own story. Clearly, the story here is about saying yes to bows!

2015-11-01 20.02.27

This light weight sweater is perfect for Autumn and early winter. It can easily be worn in winter as well… perhaps with a scarf from the Collection! The simple color palette  of the Collection is that of Minnie Mouse: red, black and white. Instead of polka dots covering this sweater it is, fittingly, bows. It’s darling.

2015-11-01 19.08.25

This is a long sleeve tee shirt with different bow designs on the front. This top, paired with jeans and boots is an awesome, casual look for Fall! The scarf pictured beside it would be a nice pairing for cooler days.

2015-11-01 19.08.13

This faux leather bag is another part of the “Say Yes To Bows” Collection. It is black and white only and would pair well with pretty much anything within the Collection. The perfect accessory, is what this bag is.

say yes to bows

This bag even has the name of the Collection on it! This one would be more of an accent piece, in my opinion. Red is a fabulous color but it is hard to match a red bag to a red outfit. This bag would make a black and white outfit (like the bow top above with jeans and boots) pop!

All of the items from this “Say Yes To Bows” Disney Boutique Collection can be found at various stores through out the Parks that carry women’s clothing and accessories. They can be found at Tren-D at Disney Springs, as well. That is where I took the pictures. You can even find them on the Shop Disney Parks App and Disney Store online.

What do you think of this Collection? Are you a fan of bows? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!


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