Through The Years With The Tinker Bell Half Marathon Dooney And Bourke Bags

Even as a non-runner, I’m very excited for this year’s Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland. The event takes place between May 5 and May 8. Along with other commemorative items, Tinker Bell Dooney and Bourke bags will be available. 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the race and the fifth year of these beautiful bags.

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The new print features Tinker Bell in several poses over a background of leaves in different shades of green and purple with purple and pink flowers. Bluish-green lily pads add a splash of brightness. The leather trim is black, in a Tinker Bell bag first, but keeps the focus on the print itself. Many of Tink’s positions are repeated from previous patterns.

While not confirmed, the bag appears to be nylon, as was last year’s set. 2012, 2013, and 2014 were pebble grain leather. In a departure from previous styles, there is a shopper tote offered in the 2016 set. The other two styles are a cross body and a zip wristlet. Keeping with a recent change to Dooney and Bourke bags, both the tote and the cross body have reinforced leather corners to keep the bags from damaging.


The inaugural year and the following year shared the same pattern, but different bag styles. 2012  included a Cindy tote, a small letter carrier, and a snap wristlet. 2013’s set had a small cross body satchel, zip wristlet, and small shopper. This print was very popular, selling out quickly, and is still highly sought-after today on the aftermarket.


2014 had a completely different pattern, with flirty Tinker Bells modeling her signature green dress over white pebble leather. A tassel tote, satchel, small cross body satchel, letter carrier, and small wristlet made up this collection. The satchel, letter carrier, and small wristlet were available through the Disney Store website until a few months ago.


Last year, the pattern returned to an outline of Tinker Bell. Two batches of this set were created, resulting in one set looking navy blue and the other appearing to be more purple. This print was available in a backpack, Erica satchel, cross body, and zip wristlet. Most styles sold out over the race weekend, but the backpack was available in Disneyland stores for a short while after the event.

If you are not running the half marathon, you can pre-order the bags at RunDisney website. There is a limit of two per style per person. You must be able to pick up the bags in person with photo identification. No one else can pick them up for you and they will not mail the bags to you. Orders cannot be canceled, but bags can be returned once picked up, though you will not be refunded the active fees. Including taxes and fees, the shopper tote is available for $289.44, the cross body for $192.24, and the zip wristlet for $116.64 on the RunDisney website. If you cannot make it to the expo, a personal shopper will be able to help you.

Placement will be important on this bag, so be sure to pay attention to the exact bag you are  getting. This is less of a problem on the shopper tote, but the spacing of the Tinker Bells might make it difficult to get the pose you want on the front of your cross body or wristlet. If you are not happy with your placement, ask the cast member to show you a few more selections.

The color scheme of this year’s pattern is lovely. It will make a wonderful spring bag and the dark color means it will make a fun winter choice as well. The 2012 and 2013 pattern will always be my favorite, but I am pleased to see more colors in this year’s design. Vibrant Tinker Bells and beautiful colors are an excellent way to celebrate five years of the half marathon.

Thanks to our guest blogger Emily Clay for this incredible comparison of Tinker bell Half Marathon Dooney and Bourkes over the years!

Emily spends her days pretending to be a Disney princess in New York. She makes it down to Disney World every year for the holidays and soaks in enough magic to hold her over until her next trip. Emily loves fireworks, parades, and eating all the yummy food at Disney. She collects Disney Dooney and Bourke bags and the Disney-themed Alex and Ani bracelets, so she can keep a bit of magic in her life day to day.

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