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Top 10 Places To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Dinner At Walt Disney World

I have talked about the top things to do on an adult only trip to Disney World and I think this is a bit of an extension on that. This really could be a list for any romantic night out but Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I am going to focus on that! I am not saying reservations for these places are available (I have no idea) but think of this as a reference for future years or romantic evenings. Here are the top 10 places to celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner at Walt Disney World, in no particular order.

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1. Victoria & Albert’s– I know this one is probably obvious to most but it is necessary. I was privileged enough to eat at the Chef’s table a while ago and it just made me love this place even more than I already did. I will say, I would probably choose the Queen Victoria Room for a romantic dinner but, no matter what you choose, you cannot lose at this five diamond restaurant.

2. Narcoossee’s– I feel like this restaurant is always overlooked for one like Jiko or Monsieur Paul (both are still on the list) but this restaurant is on the water, has exquisite food and a view that will stop your heart. Timed correctly, you can see the fireworks at night. It is truly lovely and special place to have a romantic meal.

3. Capa– This is another one of those restaurant’s that gets overlooked and I think that is simply because it is at the Four Seasons and people are unaware of it. This is a quaint tapas restaurant with warm, rich decor and a sophisticated feel. If you have terrace seating, you have distant views of the fireworks from both Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

4. California Grill– This is one of my all time favorite restaurants on grounds. The food is amazing and the view of the fireworks (with the music playing through the speakers on the terrace) has always brought a tear to my eye. It’s always busy and hard to get a reservation but it is worth every second trying to get a reservation!

5. The Boathouse– What if you aren’t wanting to go into a park or you want a whole evening of non park entertainment? What about a location at Disney Springs? There’s nothing quite like The Boathouse restaurant. You could even book a ride in one of those amazing cars, if you have a little money to spend or want to splurge.

6. Wanyama Safari/Jiko– Many of us are familiar with the wonder that is Jiko. Did you know about the Wanyama Safari? This one is a little less known. It involves a pre-safari reception with the chefs from Jiko! Then you take a safari tour with a guide and end back at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a fabulous dinner at Jiko. Now, this experience used to be quite exclusive. It has changed to make it a little easier for you! You must be staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel and that’s it! This is a definite way to impress that special someone!

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7. Monsieur Paul– If you like quaint, romanticism and french food, you will want to eat at Monsieur Paul at least once, preferably with someone you love. Trust me, as a lover of all things french, this restaurant is french elegance at it’s best and all at Epcot.

8. Ferrytale Wishes Fireworks Dessert Cruise– I know this isn’t necessarily dinner but I could eat a smorgasbord of desserts, for this situation. A romantic boat cruise with fireworks and desserts…. heaven!


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9. Dining With An Imagineer– This is actually lunch (it takes place at noon) but it would be a unique way to celebrate a romantic moment with that Disney addict loved one. This is a 4 course meal at the Bamboo Room at the Hollywood Brown Derby. Pretty special, right?



10. Blue Zoo– This restaurant, at the Dolphin, is like food fashion. The restaurant itself is beautiful, with intricate ceiling treatments and cool blue colors. The food…. it was a delightful surprise that I will never forget (nor will I need to because I plan to eat there often). This is also a restaurant that gives you a way to have free child care while you dine. Bring your kids to Camp Dolphin while you have a romantic dinner and then bring your receipt with you when you pick them up. That’s it!!

What do you think of our top 10? Have enjoyed any or all of these experiences? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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