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Top 10 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Run Disney Event


As many of you are aware, I am getting ready to run the Tower of Terror Ten Miler in less than two weeks time. This will be my second Run Disney event this year as I ran the Walt Disney Half Marathon this past January. Perhaps ‘ran’ isn’t exactly what I did…. run/walk is more of what I did. You see, I am not exactly what one would call a runner. I do, however, know a good time when I see one. I also know how to recognize some nice bling when I see some. Run Disney events have both of these things and I was certainly not missing out on either. A lot of people don’t realize you don’t have to be a real runner to enter one of these events so I’m here to give you a few tips on how to make the most out of your Run Disney Event regardless of your activity level.

Here is the Top 10 Ways to Make the Most Out Of A Run Disney Event 

1. Register early- Due to the insane popularity of these events, they tend to sell out very quickly.  If you decide you want to run a Run Disney event, register for the free email notification for registration opening dates. Then I would book quickly so you are not disappointed.

2. Don’t stress too much about the training–  The minute per mile requirement for any Run Disney event is a 16 minute mile. This is actually super generous compared to most races. I was able to run about half at a slower pace and walk the rest and still stop for character pictures. Make sure you can walk a nice brisk pace for that distance and you’ll be fine. Please note I am not saying don’t train. I’m saying don”t stress about training. Stress doesn’t help anything.

3. Dress the part– As I’ve mentioned in My Inspiration for Tower of Terror Ten Miler, looking Run Disney worthy is just as important to me as being able to complete the race! There are many businesses out there that focus on helping you look the part while also wearing something functional. Picking a costume that is in the spirit or theme of the race is part of the fun. For the race on October 4th the theme is villains and I plan to stick with the theme. I am putting the finishing touches on my outfit now and will share it, along with some links and ideas of where to get your costume,  before the race.

4. Go to the Expo- The weekend of any Run Disney event also includes an expo at Wide World of Sports. This is where you must go to pick up your registration packet but it is also where the vendors and seminars are. I made the mistake the first time of underestimating what would be there and how much time I would need. Leave yourself a few hours at least! I wish I had. There are so many vendors to peruse and interesting seminars to attend. It’s an event in and of itself.

5. Get plenty of rest- Now I know I said not to stress about the training but this isn’t about training. This note is about keeping your body well rested so you have the energy to complete the race. I am aware that you are at the happiest place on Earth and you probably want to visit all the parks and attractions. That’s great, do it…… but not on the night before the race or the day of. Try, if you can, to add a few days to your vacation  to visit all the parks and attractions. Let the night before and day of the race be just about the race. You won’t regret your decision,

6, Stay hydrated- This is key to being able to complete your race as well. Disney has numerous drink stops along the way as well as one stop that includes  nutrition, make sure you use them. You don’t need to stop. The volunteers will hand you a cup as your racing (or walking) through. After the event, you receive a box with some nutritious, edible goodies which you will be more than ready for!

7. Stop for the photo ops- For me, the fun at Run Disney event is taking my pictures with all the characters along the way. I don’t run any events aside from Run Disney for the precise reason that they just aren’t fun enough! Disney pulls out all the stops on these events with characters that are often difficult, if not impossible, to find at any other time. The price to run in these events tends to be a little higher than other races so you might as well get the best bang for your buck and stop for as many photo ops as you can!

8. Enjoy the sights- For many of these events, you will be running through areas of the parks you don’t have access to as a regular guest. It’s a bit of the behind the scenes tour but without a guide.

9. Read the signs- There are many supporters cheering on the racers with creative signs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them as I ran past. I was amazed at how many people took the time to help cheer random strangers on. It’s truly heartwarming.

10. Strike a pose at the finish line!- The photographers will be waiting! Show them you are proud of your accomplishment!! Your fellow runners and observers will want to celebrate with you. Enjoy the moment!

Those are just some of the things I feel like people miss out on or unaware of when they think of a Run Disney event. I am truly looking forward to the Tower of terror Ten Miler and plan to post many pictures of the event on FB page. Did I miss anything on my list? What are your thoughts?

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