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Top 5 Disney Shoes For Summer!

It’s almost summer and we all know that that means it is time to trade in the closed toed shoes for sandals and flip flops! I know that I have had a hard time in the past finding cool Disney footwear but this year I have found a few unique flip flops and sandals that will not disappoint! I decided to share them with you so that we can all rock our Disney Side this summer and maybe even wear them with my top 12 Disney swim suits! I hope you enjoy my top 5 Disney shoes for summer!


1. Havaianas- There is an amazing selection of flip flops from Havaianas and if you search Disney, you will not be disappointed. There are more than you could possibly imagine for children and a few styles for men and women. I know there is a store at Disney Springs in Florida and they had a great deal of adult Disney flip flops when I was last there. If you aren’t able to get to Florida you can still find them online. You can find them HERE.

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2. Mickey Mouse Cork Slipper Flip Flops- I will admit I don’t know about the name (which was a lot longer on the website… I shortened it down) but I am sure of one thing… these are unique and fabulous. I found these while searching for something fun. I often show you things that are super cool and we can’t get our hands on them because they are from another country. These are from South Korea but I found sites that ship!! If you want to look in to them, you can find them HERE on Amazon.


3. Hot Topic– Hot Topic has a couple of different character designs of Disney flip flops but these are my personal favorites. They are on the cheaper end of the cost spectrum at only $11.60 right now. They are plastic and would be good for the pool, beach or around the house but I wouldn’t think they would be great for the Parks.

2016-04-26 04_06_30-Amazon.com_ Disney Womens Minnie Mouse Daisy Duck Toe Post Summer Sandals_ Cloth


4.Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck Summer Sandals–  The sandals shown above are the Minnie Mouse version but there is also a Daisy Duck version in red. When I first found these, I could only find them on UK sites but I finally found them on Amazon!! They are $27.99 and would completely different than anything we sell on this side of the pond!

2015-01-26 19_16_51-Amazon.com_ Disney Mickey Mouse Scattered Mick Women Ladies Thong Sandals Flip F

5. Amazon– There are plenty to pick from, if you are looking for your family, on Amazon. I have loved these for a while and have featured them as a Disney discovery. I love the vibrant colors and the body parts motif. These are foam bottomed and plastic top. Another one of those great for the pool or beach and most likely not for the Parks. They are more cost effective at $14.95.

Those are my top 5 Disney footwear for summer! Did I do a good job? I think so but I’m biased. Which pair was your fave? Have you seen them all before? Let us know in the comment box below!

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