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Top 5 Ways To Make Souvenirs From Disney Tickets and Park Maps!

I know a lot of people go to Disney on a budget. It’s hard not to, especially the larger your family is. There isn’t always a lot of money left over for souvenirs, despite the fact that everyone wants them. I have heard from a variety of sources that there are a lot of ways to make your own souvenirs by using Disney Park maps and Disney tickets. Once I looked into it, I realized this is a  great option! I have compiled a list of top 5 ways to make your own souvenirs by using both these items! Let’s take a look!

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1. Picture Frame Mat

A lot of people take the tickets or Park maps and arrange them to make a mat. You can either piece together the Park tickets or cut a picture sized whole in the center of whichever Park map you like. Either way looks amazing and you have converted an old frame into a new Disney souvenir!


2. Make Your Own Coasters

I can speak about this one from experience. I received the most thoughtful gift for my birthday this year from a dear friend that was coasters made from all 4 Parks maps. The catch was each coaster was made from a part of the map where the location meant something special to us. Now that is more touching and meaningful than any souvenir you can buy. You can learn how to make them on pinterest. I pinned it on the Disney Fashionista pinterest page for you HERE.

3. Cover Old Books Or Binders

Remember when you used to be able to buy book covers? Or, how about when people would decorate their binders for school(which many still do)? How about using Park Maps for that purpose? I know a few people who have tried it and they love it!


4. Make Disney Pouches

I showed a couple of weeks ago, how to make a pouch out of Disney Parks maps. You can use these pouches as pencil cases, make up bags, wallets, coin purses… whatever you want.  The directions on how to do this are through this LINK.

5. Luggage Tags

You are probably wondering what I mean with this one…. Well, If you take the same size paper, in any color, and flush it to the back of the park ticket, you can then write all your info on that piece of paper. If you laminate them, you now have something you can fasten to your suitcase and use as a luggage tag!! Smart, right??


I didn’t list one that is quite obvious and that is saving everything such as Park Maps, tickets, new napkins, stir sticks, Mickey confetti…. anything you have that would be considered waste, and use it to decorate your scrapbook! You don’t need to buy the fancy scrapbook kits. You can make those things work to your advantage.

What do you think of our list?? Have you tried these before?? Let us know and share other ideas in the comment box below!

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