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Walt Disney World Marathon Dooney & Bourke Handbags Available!!!!!!!!

I have had a lot  of interest in this year’s Dooney & Bourke’s from the Walt Disney World Marathon. I decided to put my personal shopper, Courtney from Mousetoyourhouse, on a mission. She more than surpassed my request. I am thrilled to be able to offer you all access to this year’s Dooney & Bourke’s from this weekend’s marathon. I learned that there were some bags available after all the preorders were filled so I am thrilled mousetoyourhouse and I can bring them to you. Let’s take a closer look at the available bags.

I have already done an a detailed article about the bags themselves so I won’t go on and on but I will let you check out more details here, if you didn’t see it and are looking for more info. The other things to know about any Dooney & Bourke, with a pattern, is that no bag is identical to another. The pattern design is the same but the way it’s cut will be different. In other words, Mickey may not be in the exact same spot on each bag and the same goes for the other characters. I have been assured that only the most fun, vibrant placements of characters were chosen by Courtney. Now here are the available bags.


The wristlet is the smallest bag available and it is available here, at mousetoyourhouse, for $124.95.


The lexi crossbody bag is the next largest in the collection. I am loving the tag with the “Walt Disney Marathon 2015” embossed on it. This bag is available here for $210.00.

The letter carrier bag is a tad bit bigger, it is my fave size actually. It has that same tag I talked about before. I love that you can see more of the pattern on the bigger bags as well as the bright colors. This bag is available here for $249.95.


The satchel is clearly the largest handbag but what woman doesn’t like a bigger handbag?? We like to carry a lot of stuff around! This bag is the biggest which also makes it the most expensive. This bag is available here for $349.95.

I hope this helps everyone who has been wondering how to get their hands on these bags. I know that even though there is a supply, it’s not never ending. They are limited editions after all. Good luck to those of you hoping to get one. Good luck to all the runners, as well!!!

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