National Dog Day Brings New Doggie Print Dooney and Bourke Announcement!

You may have already known today is National Dog Day but did you know that with that comes all kinds of new Disney merchandise? We announced all of the cool toys and treats for man’s best friend on the website but we saved, what I consider to be, the best for last. National Dog Day brings a new dog print Dooney and Bourke print announcement!

This is all we have to go on but it is plenty to make pet lovers’ hearts soar! All of our favorite Disney dogs can be spotted and I am thrilled! I don’t see Pluto in the above sneak peak but I know he must be there somewhere.

You may recall the Disney Cat print that came out last year and how quickly it sold out. I was never able to get one and I was bummed. People are a lot more obsessed about their dogs than cats so I am guessing this one will be gone even faster!

There is no word if this one will make it online or on the Shop Disney Parks App. That is a mystery. We do know to expect a whole new collection in November. If you are not wanting to wait to find out if they will be on the App or online, or placement is very important to you, you can email our preferred personal shopper Diane at [email protected] to discuss it all and get on the pre-order list. Tell her Disney Fashionista sent you!

Are you excited about the new announcements on National Dog Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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