10th Anniversary Mickey Dooney and Bourke Bags Available Online!

Today’s the day for new releases and one of those is the 10th anniversary Mickey Dooney and Bourke collection! We knew it was releasing at Ever After Jewelry Co in Disney Springs but it’s always a nice surprise when it also releases online!

We now know there are actually 5 silhouettes in this collection. From this we can now conclude that there will be 3 in the Frozen Collection, also releasing in Disney Springs today. It did not arrive online today. The 5 silhouettes in this 10th anniversary Mickey Collection come in a couple of different colors, too! Let’s dive into the designs!


The black background comes in three different silhouettes. There is a satchel ($268), tote ($298), and letter carrier ($198). Things I like about this collection are the fact that the satchel is a different shape than the usual dome-shaped satchel we have been seeing as of late. I also really like the zipper pocket on the front of the letter carrier. That is a safety feature I just can’t get enough of. My undiagnosed OCD always has me looking for whatever it is I’ve decided to put in that front pocket. With a zipper, I will be a little less paranoid.



I am not usually one to love the white background but because the rest of the colors are so bold in this print, I actually really like it. The white almost looks silver to me! I realize that’s just my eyes but I’m okay with that. This color background comes in two silhouettes which include the crossbody ($228) and the wallet/wristlet ($158).

The trim on both colors is black with a slight pink edge which I love! Black and pink are iconic together. The placement on these bags isn’t too hard to get if you don’t care about the colors of the Mickeys. If you are particular about the colors of the Mickeys then you may need a personal shopper if you can’t go to Disney Springs to pick it out in person. If so, email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] and she will help you out!

If you do purchase one of these beauties, which are all available online HERE, you can also add a Mickey Mouse cosmetic bag to your purchase for $29 with any purchase over $100 (which would be all Dooney purchases).

Have you been waiting for the re-release of this 10th anniversary Dooney and Bourke Collection? Let us know which you love best in the comments!

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