The 12 Days of Disney Socks Advent Calendar is a Dream Come True

Disney Socks Advent Calendar

Wishes really do come true, and my wish for the 12 Days of Disney Socks Advent Calendar from Target, has finally come true! This brilliant gift set has been selling out as quickly as it restocks, and I’m so happy I finally found a set. This gift set is part of a line of exclusive Target Christmas gift sets, that are each fabulous.

The packaging is simple, yet whimsical with a festive red background with offset red Christmas icons, and dappled with white snowflakes. “Disney” is written in a shiny metallic silver, with “12 Days of socks” written beneath it. The gift set opens like a book, to reveal 12 perforated pictures, that are numbered for you to count down the days with SOCKS! There are also gift sets for Star Wars socks in ladies, and boys sizes, and Disney Princess socks for girls available too!

The back teases at some of the sock themes you might find within, oooh!!

The grid on the front flap of the book shows you the style of sock within each compartment, but the character and design will be a mystery until you open them! I wanted to be surprised, but I also couldn’t wait. Furthermore, I also wanted to check out the quality of the socks, so I could let my fellow fashionistas know if it was worth the adventure.

Ariel was the first pair I pulled out, and I was instantly in love. Not only were they super soft to the touch, the colors were just so vibrant! I find a lot of times with licensed socks, especially in sets that they can tend to run a little on the small size. I’m happy to report that these do not run small, they run pretty true to size actually. On top of having vivid colors, and being cozy soft, they are also quite stretchy too!

I also love that there is a variety of styles mixed through out the set. This is a great set as a gift for a Disney loving gal When it’s chilly outside, I totally love a pair of cozy socks to throw on. So, a new pair a night for twelve nights, is a wish come true! I’ve seen them come online a few times since they’ve launched, and they tend to sell out within minutes! I’ve found the best way to find them, is to check the availability in local stores regularly. I would also call them to find out when their shipments arrive.

Are you wishing upon a star for the 12 Days of Disney Socks Advent Calendar too?

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