3D Wooden Puzzles From Disney Parks Are A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea!

Sometimes, it is incredibly challenging finding that perfect gift for that special someone. I have many Disney friends that I always think will be easy to shop for but they are like me. They buy what they want when they see it. That makes the holidays very challenging when it comes to gift giving. I stumbled across these 3D wooden puzzles while at Disney and I can’t help but think they would be a wonderful holiday gift idea!

Retail $49.99
Retail $79.99

How beautiful are these puzzles? It’s such a unique idea and I think a true Disney addict would love to work on this. I know that a lot of people complain that Christmas day tends to be rather boring and this wouldn’t certainly help with boredom!

Retail $99.99

Retail $49.99

I saw four total and those are the train, Cinderella’s Carriage, Main Street Trolley, and the Monorail. These are all iconic when it comes to Disney and I don’t even know which one I would choose.

Clearly, these are not easy to do. I don’t know first hand but I would guess these are not meant for young children. They would be fun to do as a family, though!

I haven’t seen these available online so, if you won’t be at the Parks, you can always email [email protected] This is the personal shopping service we recommend and they would be happy to help!

What do you think of these fabulous 3D puzzles? Let us know in the comment section below!

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