A Brand New Thomas Kinkade Print Celebrates Our Favorite Citizens Of Agrabah!

Thomas Kinkade creates the most glorious Disney artwork! The newest print celebrates the citizens of Agrabah. “Jasmine Dancing in the Desert Sunset” is the fifth artwork in the “Dancing in the Light” series from the Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Dreams Collection!

I am a collector of Thomas Kinkade’s Disney artwork. I think I am at 5 pieces right now but my collection is ever growing. I am always looking for a new piece to add to my walls and this new print may just be it!

Aladdin is lovingly picking up his favorite princess while Abu, Rajah, Genie, The Sultan, and the Magic Carpet are surrounding them admiring their love. This is part of the Dancing In The Light series, as I said, and you can see the way the light dances on the balcony! It’s so well done! The shadows dance on the page!

This is more like a photograph to me than a piece of art. The colors really pop and I could just imagine myself visiting Agrabah and taking this photo from my guest room (I have a very vivid imagination).

As this is the 5th in the series, you may be wondering what the others are. Here is a list of the others in the series:

Remember that this artwork comes in many different sizes. That means you are likely to get your hands on any one of these pieces for a price within your budget.

If the citizens of Agrabah aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps one of the other in the Dancing in the Light series is. You can find each and everyone HERE.

Are you a fan of Thomas Kinkade’s artwork as much as I do? If so, happy decorating fashionistas!

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