A First Look At The 2018 Her Universe Fashion Show Designs and Winners!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to have Disney Fashionista attend the 2018 Her Universe Fashion Show in San Diego for another year. Last year was a dream come true and, though I couldn’t personally make it this year, I was able to send DF writer Wanda so that we can share all the news and designs with you!

The one good thing about having one person there and one at home is being able to get the news out faster and that’s what I am here to do.  Let’s start with the judges. This year’s judges included Cindy Levitt (Hot Topic), Todd Keller (Loungefly), Joanna Fogt-Sohn (Cartoon Network), Olivia Mears, Rose Ivy (last year’s judges pick), Grace Duval (last year’s audience choice), and Lindsay Orndorff (last year’s judges pick).


Before we get into the designs we must talk about Ashley’s look which was inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas. As usual, Ashley looked stunning! This year’s dress was created by Andrew MacLaine which, interestingly enough, was the same designer as last year. I am loving his designs!

This dress was made out of 500 Funko Pops and took 3 weeks to make. It weighs 40lbs. Like Ashley didn’t have to focus on! Amazing job, Ashley!

The Her Universe Fashion Show consisted of 24 designers. I was pleasantly surprised again this year by how many Disney inspired looks there were. Follow that up with Beetlejuice, Marvel and Star Wars and Disney fashionistas everywhere will be on cloud nine.

King Couture- Black Panther by Sarah Hambly
Zinthos- Teen Titans by Stephanie Flor


Yibambe- Black Panther by Melissa Lynnette

As you can see, Marvel had a great representation with Black Panther being the overall star. Not too shocking with the success of the film.

Best.Dress.Ever!-Tangled by Harmony Leiker
Style on Space Mountain- Disney Parks by Kelsey Michele
Seamstress Sally- The Nightmare Before Christmas by Kimberly Burns
Colors of Couture- Pocahontas by Chatam Gray

The Disney selections are phenomenal. The Tangled dress is lovely but check out the Spaceship Earth inspired dress! The Pocahontas dress is so delicate and feminine. I can’t decide which I like more.

Directive..?- Wall-E by Phoebe Ping
Howl-In For You- Howl’s Moving Castle by Jane Burson
My Alebrije-Coco by Aaliyah Frye
It lights up!!!
Convor Couture- Star Wars by Candice Miller

In this grouping of designs, special effects could be found. I am just showing the one because my fave by far is the Coco inspired design!

The Couture of Water- the Shape of Water by Cynthia Kirkland
Beetlesuit V:1- Beetlejuice by Ericka Anguili
Nerf This- Overwatch by Rachel Roth
Godzilla, Queen of the Monsters- Godzilla by Tanya Apuya

In the 4th group of designers, the detail on the Shape of Water dress blew me away. I cannot imagine the work it took but I knew the second it came on the runway what it represented and I was in love.

Flight of the Phoenix- Harry Potter by Lynne Martens


Coffee at Luke’s- The Gilmore Girls by Sarah Timm
Bespoke barber of Suburbia- Edward Scissorhands by Lynleigh Sato
Courage, Daring, Nerve, and Chivalry- Harry Potter by Jill N Nofziger

This category clearly was dominated by Harry Potter looks but I am liking the underdog of Coffe at Luke’s. I loved that show and I would wear that look.

Rebellion Reborn- Star Wars by Adria Renee

Darkness Rising- Star Wars by Christopher Lopez
Pwl Chic: Ripley in the Powerloader- Aliens by Kristi Siedow-Thompson
Vincent and Exploding Tardis- Doctor Who by Carina Langley-Lacy

As a giant Doctor Who fan, you can guess which of the last 4 designs was my favorite.

To choose an overall winner in this year’s groups was seemingly impossible but it had to be done and the judges were able to narrow it down. The winners of this year’s Her Universe Fashion Show are as follows:

  • Cynthia Kirkland- Judges pick for The Couture of Water (my personal fave)
  • Jane Burson- Singer Sewing Pick for Howl- In’ For You
  • Kristi Siedow- Thompson- Audience pick for Pwl Chic: Ripley in the Powerloader

The winners will be creating a new collection for Her Universe to release at Hot Topic in the Spring of 2019 and the theme is Marvel Avengers 4!!

Did your favorite design get chosen? Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section [email protected]

Spring 2019

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