A Fun New Way To Display Your Mickey Ears!

I don’t know about you all but I have a large collection of Mickey Ears. I am constantly telling people that Mickey Ears aren’t just for kids. Mine are all in my Disney travel cubbies, filled with ears and other things necessary to bring with me when I go to Disney.. like fanny packs! I’ve always thought it would be super cool if I had a way to display my Mickey Ears and keep them all pristine. I found a fun new (to me, anyway) way to display your Mickey Ears that you are going to want to check out!


How cool is this? Not only would it display your Mickey Ears but it would keep them in good condition, as well. I will admit that putting mine in their cubby does not always mean they stay in mint condition, as I would like. This would be absolutely perfect!


There are even double displays or displays with jewelry options! Look at the Princess one!

These come in a bunch of different designs and patterns to choose from, which makes them extra cool in my opinion. You can get the classic black and white Mickey (above) or any of the following:

The options are plentiful!! You really need to see all the options to get the full grasp of the choices! The store is the cutest little Etsy store called  DisplayYourMouseEars. You can check all the options out through the links! Enjoy, fashionistas!



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