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Adorable Disney Spiral Hair Ties That Sparkle

Disney Spiral Hair Ties

This past week we stumbled upon an adorable new accessory at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, that started a bit of a debate. While it’s been said the accessories are Disney Spiral Hair Ties, I might have mistakenly assumed they were bracelets when I first saw them.


These shimmery accessories come as a pair and are just like the very popular phone cord hair ties that people have been loving. Each pair comes with a plain one, and one adorned with a colorful Disney inspired charm. They are also similar to the spiral bands that the gift cards come on, so you can see my mistake! No matter which way you see them, they’re quite adorable and apparently multi-functional!


There is a classic Minnie Mouse pair, with a solid red band, and a polka-dotted black and white band. The band featuring the polka-dots also has a Minnie Mouse charm attached.

Disney Spiral Hair Ties

The “it’s a small world” set has an iridescent blue, and an iridescent white band. The blue is a bit more translucent than the white, and a charm of the iconic Clock facade sits on the white band.

You can soar to stylish new heights with the Dumbo set! A soft iridescent pink band is paired with a sparkling silver glitter band. Dumbo flies high on the silver band!


Disney Spiral Hair Ties

Last but not least we have the Mad Tea Party-inspired pair! My personal favorite of all four. A sparkling silver band like the Dumbo pair accompanies a coral colored band that shines with iridescent glam. An adorable teacup charm adorns the iridescent band.

Each pair retails for $9.99, and they are not interchangeable. We may still be deciding if these are Disney Spiral Hair Ties or Disney Spiral Bracelets. We even decided to ask the fans on Instagram, but I think it’s safe to say they can be used as both, and make for an adorable accessory anyways.

What about you, do you think these are hair ties, bracelets, or both?

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