Adorable New Disney Duos Collection From Forever Disney

Disney Duos Collection

One of my favorite themes throughout Disney movies is the power of Friendship! Some of the best duos have come from our favorite Disney Animated Films, like Timon and Pumba from the Lion King! Oh My Disney is celebrating those pals, with a new Disney Duos Collection as part of their “Forever Disney” line on shopDisney.

Oh My Disney’s newest Forever Disney line features beloved duos as a collection of mugs, journals, jewelry, pins, and more! The showcased duos are Cogsworth & Lumiere, Jaq & Gus, Mushu & Cri-Kee, Meeko & Percy, Timon & Pumbaa, Sebastian & Scuttle, and Pain & Panic. The Meeko and Percy designs have a third wheel, with the sassy Flit!

Each Disney Duo comes featured as a two pin set! The pins showcase the adorable design style of the collection and come on a fun card backing.

The rest of the collection has a mix of items for each Disney Duo. There are a couple of mug sets featuring the pals, but not every Duo made the “mug shot”.

My favorite part of the collection is the Trinket Trays! There is one featuring Jaq & Gs, and another featuring Meeko & Percy. My only problem is choosing which of these adorable trinket trays I want most!


I might also be a little obsessed with the Pouch Sets… The lovable Disney Duos are paired together with these fun pouch sets. Each character has been given a cute makeover on a pair of handy zip bags that are great for makeup or travel.

In addition to these fun items, there is also stationery items, t-shirts, and jewelry! You can check out the entire Disney Duos Collection from Forever Disney on shopDisney HERE.


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