All The Orange Bird Items You Never Knew You Needed

I admit that I am a bit obsessed with Orange Bird. What can I say? He is just so cute and lovable! Plus, he is definitely rocking the whole orange and green color motif. Because I love Orange Bird so much, I want to share with you all of these amazing Etsy finds that you never knew you needed until now!

Orange Bird Inspired Navy Game Day Jersey

You’ll be “Walkin’ on Sunshine” when you wear this lovely Orange Bird inspired spirit jersey! It’s perfect for those evening strolls through Adventureland! You can get this design on Etsy from ApprenticeApparel HERE for $46.99.

Florida Orange Bird Phone Case

This is an Orange Bird Phone Case decorated with Orange Bird, Orange Blossoms, and Citrus Swirl Dreams. Who doesn’t love orange bird?! A tribute to the lovable little bird who is the mascot for citrus swirl in Adventureland, this phone case is simply sweet. You can find it on Etsy from PolkaDotPixieShop HERE for $20.00.

Citrus Swirl and Orange Bird Spirit Jersey

We all know that one spirit jersey is never enough, so of course, I had to find another option for you as well! This design is perfect for those days “Citrus Swirlin'” in Adventureland. You can get it on Etsy from NewOrleansWearhouse HERE. Pricing starts at $19.95.

Orange Bird Skirt

This lovely skirt is inspired by Florida sunshine, Florida oranges, and of course – Orange Bird! This design comes to us from the always fashionable Brave Little Tailor. You can get it HERE starting at $48.00.

Orange Bird Coffee Sleeve

This adorable coffee cozie is perfect for adding a little extra magic to your coffee while keeping your hands protected. The Orange Bird design is the perfect solution to add some personality to your hot or cold beverage & make great gifts! You can find it on Etsy from SecondStarCo HERE for $10.00.

Citrus Porg Pin

You’ve heard of Citrus Swirl. But have you heard of Citrus Porg? The combination of Orange Bird, Citrus Swirls, and Porgs may be the cutest thing I have ever seen! This pin is the perfect little piece of flair for any Disney day. You can find it on Etsy from SeeYaEarSoon HERE for $10.99.

Now that you are full of vitamin C and Orange Bird goodness, let me know what discovery is your new must-have item in the comment section below.

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