Baby Yoda Spirit Jersey Has Arrived From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Baby Yoda Spirit Jersey

As we say goodbye to the Mandalorian till next season, a special gift has been bestowed! A brand new Baby Yoda Spirit Jersey has landed, well it is a Mandalorian Spirit Jersey, but it has Baby Yoda! It is also the perfect way to help us remember our beloved show until season 2 debuts. After all, this is the way.

First, this color is off the hook, normally we get black, or earth tones for Star Wars shirts. This shirt, however, is bright, and really pops. An image of “The Child” who we lovingly call Baby Yoda peers up from the yoke of the jersey. It’s almost like you’re cuddling him in your very own kangaroo pouch! The back of the jersey has teal puffed ink that says Star Wars The Mandalorian. The word Mandalorian is printed just like the logo, with Mando walking through the “A” too.

The most perfect Spirit Jersey in the galaxy was found amongst other fun Mandalorian finds at Disneyland! It retails for $69.99, and we hope to see it at Walt Disney World soon too!

Are you excited about the release of the fun new Baby Yoda Spirit Jersey? I know this is an absolute must-have on my list, I have spoken!

These haven’t arrived at Walt Disney World yet but we expect them soon. If you are wanting to snag one of these for yourself, you can email the preferred personal shopper of the Disney Fashionista at [email protected] and she will help you out!

Update- They HAVE arrived at Walt Disney World this morning! If you are wanting one you will be able to find them on shortly!

Special thanks to Tara Ulis-Marocco for pictures of this epic find!

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