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Bring the Outdoors In With Scents from Living With the Land

If you’re stuck inside, you might be going a little stir crazy right about now. If you’re missing the outside world, keep reading! Now, you can bring the outdoors in with these scents from Living with the Land. Whenever I visit Epcot, one of my must-do attractions is Living with the Land. I love taking a trip through the greenhouse and smelling all those great earthy smells.

If you’re stuck indoors, the indoors might as well smell good, right? That’s where today’s Etsy discovery comes into play. Inspired by Living with the Land at Epcot, these scents will transport you to your favorite Disney greenhouse in no time.

Featuring a room spray, candle, and wax melts, this scent will fill your home with the magic of Epcot. All of these products are available on Etsy from MainStreetMelts and will ship directly to your door. Enjoy the refreshing aroma of a lush herb garden ready for harvest, just as if you were sailing through the Living with the Land attraction with a soothing union of fresh basil, sage and mint.

Just a couple of sprays around the room is all you need for this room spray to transform your space. You can find it HERE for $8.00.

The 12 ounce candle features a wood wick. Each candle is hand-mixed and hand-poured. These candles make the perfect gift for those who love soy candles AND Disney! You can get the candle HERE for $20.00.

If you want all the joys and scents of a candle without the flame, try wax melts! You can get these ones HERE for just $4.75.

The days will seem much brighter when you enjoy the scents from Living with the Land in your own home!

Do you have a favorite Disney scent that you’re missing right now? Let me know in the comment section below.

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