Carry Your Coins In Holiday Style With Sweet Holiday Treat Coin Purses!

I don’t carry cash. That’s probably what you are thinking. However, wouldn’t you carry change if you could carry it on of these sweet holiday treat coin purses?


I know a lot of people don’t like Gingerbread but I love all things ginger. You may not like ginger but I bet you think Gingerbread men are adorable! Mickey Gingerbread men (or mice if you will) are the best! I have a tendency to buy anything with Gingerbread Mickeys so you know this beauty shall be mine.

If you are a peppermint fashionista then this Mickey peppermint coin purse is the one you are going to find an excuse to buy! It goes with all of the new peppermint merchandise like the peppermint Minnie Ears and tees! So awesome!

If you are one of the people I mentioned at the beginning that doesn’t carry change, that’s ok. Neither do I (as I said). You can use this to hold cards, too! Or perhaps you carry things like bobby pins or something else small you need to keep together. These would work for that, too!

The coin purses are $19.99 and are selling out quickly. They have been spotted at World of Disney in Disney Springs and they were at Mouse Gear at Epcot but they are already sold out for now. If you are wanting to grab one for yourself now, in case they don’t arrive online, you can check our preferred personal shopper HERE.

Are you a fan of holiday park treats? Which of these holiday treat coin purses is your fave?

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