Celebrate 80 Years Of Music & Magic With The New Fantasia Dooney Collection!

Last night I was busy celebrating movie magic and this morning I woke to a collection celebrating music & magic. Why, do you ask? Fantasia’s celebrating 80 years with a brand new collection from Dooney and Bourke!


There is a two-sided tote in this collection featuring a different set of images on either side. Looks like placement won’t be an issue on this beauty! Different characters from the beloved classic can be found on either side including ¬†Sorcerer Mickey, Peter Pegasus, Hyacinth Hippo, Magic Brooms, Waltzing Flowers, Chernabog, Yen Sid, Ben Ali Gator, and Madame Upanova.

The dancing hippos have always been a favorite of mine and I am loving the fact that they are lined along the bottom of the back of the tote. Despite the fact the Chernabog still scared me after all this time, the hippos could pull me into getting this tote! The tote retails for $268.


Totes aren’t for everyone I realize. This crossbody bag would normally be my silhouette of choice for sure! In fact, I do think I like the overall print better considering I can get a nice mix of my favorite dancers along with Sorceror Mickey! This print really is truly stunning and the detail behind the characters is even a treat for the eyes.

The hangtag is really easy to see in this pic and you can see it is celebrating Fantasia 80 Years of Music & Magic. That is what the film is all about! This crossbody retails for $198.

This overall print does feature a lot of characters so it will be hard to get placement of everyone on one side. You will definitely need to pick your favorites and go for that. The print does appear to be quite linear so it may be a possibility to get a line of who you love. This retails for $98.

The lining is a bright red which really works with this print! It looked to me at first that the background of the print is black but I’m hoping my eyes are tricking me and it’s navy. That would be perfect for Fantasia!

The whole collection celebrating music & magic is available on shopDisney HERE.

What do you think of the new Disney Dooney and Bourke collection? Will it be a must-have for you? Let us know in the comments!

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