Celebrate the Christmas Season in Disney Parks Inspired Style

If you ask me, the Christmas season is best spent visiting the Disney Parks. I prefer to spend my holiday walking down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. But, no matter where you are celebrating, this Disney Parks inspired design is perfect for showing off your love of Disney and spreading that holiday cheer.

There are so many reasons that I love spending Christmas at Disney. This tank top definitely highlights a few key reasons, and does so with a cute design! Let’s see, there are Peppermint Mochas, the Jingle Cruise, Gingerbread Mickeys, Enchanted Castle Lights, and magic in the air! Yep, that pretty much sums of Christmas time at Disney! Doesn’t it just sound wonderful?

If you are ready to celebrate the Christmas season in Disney Parks inspired style, head over to DesignandDream17 on Etsy HERE to check out this enchanting holiday design. Pricing for this look starts at less than $20.00! If you are lucky enough to be heading to the Disney Parks this season, this is the perfect look to wear while you explore! And hey, while you’re there, have a peppermint mocha on Main Street for me!

What do you think of today’s Etsy discovery? Does it have you filled with holiday cheer? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Monica V