Check Out The 2019 Disney Holiday Pins You Can Find Now

2019 Disney Holiday Pins

There are some jolly new baubles popping up at the Disney Parks, just in time to commemorate the holidays! These stunning new 2019 Disney Holiday Pins are dazzling, and the perfect keepsake to remember your visit to the Disney Parks during the holidays.

2019 Disney Holiday Pins

These are the “open edition” pins and lanyards you can find for the holiday season this year. By open edition I mean you can find them throughout the holidays. However, they will go away once the holiday season ends. Most of the pins are around $14.99 a piece, while the ID pouch is just $8.99.

Holiday Sweets

2019 Disney Holiday Pins

The ID pouch is inspired by the Disney Holiday Snacks collection. There are also two coordinating lanyards available with the same theme. Fans of all things gingerbread will love all of these items.


Continuing with the Disney Holiday Snacks theme, we also have a 2 pin set. This set included a delectable looking gingerbread castle and a red pin that says “I love Holiday Treats”. The heart for “love” is made out of candy canes too! One of my favorite Disney holiday things is the gingerbread castle at the Contemporary, so I love this!

The sparkling candy cane swirl Mickey pin also makes its return this year. This is a classic and simple pin that is fabulous for treat lovers.

Rustic Holiday

The Farmhouse Holiday Mickey collection is also getting some pin trading love. The classic red truck we’ve been seeing has been immortalized as a pin, with Mickey and Minnie hauling a fresh cut Christmas tree.

There is also a 2 pin set for the farmhouse collection. This set features Mickey and Minnie holding candy canes. If you place them together the candy canes actually make a heart! This design is based on the farmhouse Mickey and Minnie graphic we’ve seen on a lot of things.

There is also a very glittery Mickey for the farmhouse collection. This pin has Mickey bonding with some of Santa’s reindeer!

Disney Holidays with Character

There are several traditional Christmas inspired pins with beloved Disney characters. There is even a train one with Mickey seen above. We all know Walt was an avid train enthusiast, so it’s great to see that as a Christmas collectible.

Uh oh, everyone watch out Santa Stitch is on the loose, and he looks like he’s up to some holiday mischief!

2019 Disney Holiday Pins

There is an iconic scene in a classic Disney cartoon, where Dale looks into a Christmas bulb and his face distorts through it. This fun pin captures that classic cartoon moment perfectly!

2019 Disney Holiday Pins

Don’t let Ralph wreck things with this fun pin of him and Vanellope racing through the powdered snow on a candy cane sled.

2019 Disney Holiday Pins

Mike and Sulley are even ready to get their Christmas on with this fun pin featuring them in “holiday attire”.

You can find this selection of 2019 Disney Holiday Pins throughout the Disney Parks now. There are more to come including party and festival exclusives!

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