Chill And Relax Like you Are On Vacay In This Collection From Aulani!

It’s easy to chill and relax when you think about being on vacay in Aulani. You may not be able to actually go to Aulani but you can still enjoy this collection!

Now, this is a comfy looking shirt! I am picturing wearing this with some loungy shorts, with a book and a cocktail on my back porch, just enjoying the calm.

I admit that this Spirit Jersey is much more my style. I LOVE Spirit Jerseys, in general. That’s no secret. This one looks like the sand wish water washing up against it which is SO Hawaii. Throw in the fact that Mickey is surfing and I can almost hear him say Aloha from Aulani!

I don’t think I can pull off a cropped Spirit Jersey but if I could, this would be it! Minnie is on the front with a Plumeria in her hair. This reminds me of when I was there because I did the same thing. The pastel watercolors are calming and relaxing which is exactly what I think of when I think of Aulani.

As I don’t think I can pull off the cropped Spirit Jersey, this one is longer and also has Minnie on the front. I like the palm tree in Aloha on the back. Creative!

Perhaps you want something a little less obviously Disney. This classic white Spirit Jersey simply states where you got it. It’s all about the design in the wording on the back. So pretty!

Just in case you aren’t sold on any of the above Spirit Jerseys, there is one more. This one is quite unisex and is still keeping in the theme of Aulani.

I mentioned lounging and, for that, you need something on the bottom (at least, I do). These shorts are so cute and would really well with the cropped Spirit Jersey, in my opinion. Maybe I will have to consider trying that cropped look….

I know you are wondering how you can chill and relax in this collection when you have no intention of leaving your house any time soon to head to Hawaii. You are in luck! If going to Aulani isn’t an option for you, you will need a personal shopper. We recommend @hawaiishopper on IG and her site is She can actually get you anything from Hawaii but this is Disney Fashionista, after all! Just tell her we sent you when you message her and she will take excellent care of you!

Are you ready to chill and relax in this crazy world we are currently living in? What do you think of these comfy clothing options?

If you are thinking about heading to Aulani when all this craziness is over, you need to plan that Aulani vacation! You can book your vacation HERE with Small World Vacations. They are the preferred travel agency of Disney Fashionista!


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