Comfy Disney Slipper Socks Keep Feet Cute And Cozy

Disney Slipper Socks

This time of year I am obsessed with slippers, and socks! I probably have enough slippers in my collection, but I don’t think I can pass up these Disney Slipper Socks from BoxLunch. These knit slippers feature fun Disney designs, ultra-soft fuzzy lining, and non slip soles.

Nightmare Before Christmas Collegiate Slipper Socks 

What’s this, what’s this there are cozy slippers everywhere? For real though, we wouldn’t mind getting a pair of these from Sandy Claws. These slipper socks have a purple a Jack Skellington letter design. They also feature non-slip grip soles and a soft black fuzzy lining.

Disney Slipper Socks

Lilo & Stitch Slipper Socks

Don’t let your toes freeze while getting up to mischief. Stitch is more than happy to keep you cozy along the way! These knitted slipper socks even feature non-slip soles, with a tropical leaf pattern similar to the one on Lilo’s dress.

Toy Story Alien Slipper Socks

Oooooo these knitted slipper socks look just like the Aliens from Toy Story! Just be careful your toes don’t get chosen by, THE CLAW. The non slip grips on the bottom of these are in the shape of stars, and also feature the Pizza Planet logo!

Disney Slipper Socks

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Donut Slipper Socks

These tasty looking cuties are probably my favorite of the bunch. These feature chocolate frosted Mickey donuts on a cheerful yellow knit. The finishing touch, is that the non slip grips on these, are actually colorful sprinkles!

What do you think go these cute and cozy Disney Slipper Socks from BoxLunch? I know those Mickey donut ones are already on my wish list!

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