Daisy Duck Personalized Bangle Bracelet

Daisy Duck has style, sass, and all the attitude you could ever want. This Daisy Duck Personalized Bangle Bracelet is perfect for showing off your love for this fashionable duck.

This charming bangle-style bracelet is the perfect sweet little Disney accessory. It will add that touch of Disney whimsy and magic to any outfit. Plus, it’s so subtle that only true Disney fans will notice that your touch of bling is Disney related! That makes it the perfect look for wearing to the office.

Each charm is made from stainless steel. The round Daisy check is 21mm and the heart charm is 22mm. Charms are laser engraved which means they will not fade over time.

Not only do you get the round Daisy charm and the heart charm, but each bracelet has two colored gems in pink and yellow. These are the perfect colors for representing Daisy’s classic and timeless style.

If you are loving this Daisy Duck style, head over to acharmingprincess on Etsy HERE to check it out. You can grab this piece of bling was just $16.99.

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Monica V