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Decorate Your Cruise Door In Style With These Disney Cruise Door Magnets!

Disney Cruises are my thing. I am about to be a platinum castaway club member! When it comes to things to do on a Disney cruise, dress on a Disney cruise or decorate on a Disney cruise, I am your fashionista!

Recently, One of my writers, Lindsay, got to go on her first Disney Cruise and I could not let her go unprepared. I made sure that she had all the little extras I like to bring with me to bring even more magic to my cruise. One of those things is door magnets!


Disney Cruise line cabin doors are metal. They don’t like you to use tape on the doors but magnets are a-ok! I like to change my door daily. I know that seems like a lot of work but it’s really not. I have decorated based on the theme that day (ie: Pirate night), I have used favorite characters and, on this last cruise, I had custom magnets made so everyone would know Lindsay was a Disney Fashionista!

Look at how easy it was to make the door look different simply by changing the one piece, the dress! Everything else is the same! It’s really that easy, if you want it to be.

Now, another thing that decorating your door does for you, is allows you to spot your room when you are not quite sure where your cabin is. There are a lot of cabin doors around and the magnets let you spot your room from a distance!

I like to get my door magnets from Gulf Breeze Productions on Etsy. There is already a great variety but she also makes the most incredible original designs, if you ask. You can find this shop HERE.

Who else likes to use door magnets while on a Disney Cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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