Disney Character Headbands Are Cuddly And Cute

Disney Character Headbands

Looking for some cute character chic, but tired of Minnie ears? Well if you love the Simba headband you’re in luck, there are now even more Disney Character Headbands! You can now find Buttercup, Stitch, and Mike Wazowski plush headbands at the Disney Parks.

These are elastic headbands the go all the way around your head, and feature thick elastic bands. Just like the Simba headband you can use them as a stylish and fun accessory. You can also use them for adding a little bit of Disney magic to your next spa night too!

Fans of Toy Story 3 will love the new Buttercup headband! This plush band is inspired by the witty plush unicorn from Toy Story 3. Just like the original, this cuddly headband features velvety-soft, snow-covered fur with sparkly gold and pink accents.

Experiment 626 is is ready to hold your hair back for whatever mischief you are up to. His iconic ears stick up from the top so you can look like the cuddly alien.

My personal favorite is the Mike Wazowski headband! This headband is a vibrant lime green, and is topped off with Mike’s single eye. I can almost hear Mike say “I don’t believe it, I’m on a headband!”

You can find these fun Disney Character Headbands at World of Disney in Disney Springs for $19.99!

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