Disney Discovery- 16 pc Luggage Tag Set

Holiday season is gearing up. And oftentimes, what comes with it is travel time. Be it via car, bus, or plane, you’ve gotta have something to carry all of your luggage.

The past few times I traveled, I almost mistook my Away bag for someone else’s. As a less-is-more kinda gal, I’m not all about decals and stickers on my luggage, so I find that luggage tags are the way to go.

They are as small or big as you want, they’re affordable and for that reason alone can be swapped out however often as your tastes change or to go along with your travel destination at hand.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the 16 pc Luggage Tag Set.

This is a purchase that is a gift that keeps giving – some for you, and you, and you. Oprah would approve. This set includes 16 pieces of various Mickey/Minnie mash-ups.

Included are eight Minnie bag tags, as well as a Mickey and seven various Mickey mash-ups including Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski, Sully, Winnie the Pooh, Donald, Woody, and Stitch.

These tags aren’t just for luggage, though. Tag your purse, backpack, whatever – you name it – to add a bit more fun and flair to your piece of choice.

If you love the 16 pc Luggage Tag Set as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $8. Hurry and shop now and you’ll save 10% if you “clip” the coupon on the page! Happy shopping, fashionistas.

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