Disney Discovery- 3 Wishes Genie Tank-Top

We can’t all win the lottery, fashionistas. There are slim chances for a big win. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a genie?

We hear that with the  live-action Aladdin release that Genie has been freed. So step on up with your wish list and do buckle up, ’cause if there’s anything we know about Genie for sure, it’s that you’re in for quite the ride.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the 3 Wishes Genie Tank-Top.


An illustration of Genie’s three fingers front and center remind you to state your wishes. The count down is on!

“Wishes” appears in a brush font evocative of a postcard’s “Wish you were here” tag.

On first glance, this tank is Jasmine mint green just as much as it is Genie blue. I love how the blues almost hint at summer, making it a great tank to toss over any bathing suit as a cover-up and lounge shirt.

If you love the 3 Wishes Genie Tank-Top as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $20 + shipping.

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