Disney Discovery- 5×7 Disneyland Backdrop

Anyone can host a party, but a Gatsby-esque party that has guests honored to be invited and thrilled for the upcoming date… now that’s rare!

To host a party, you’ve got to think of it all (and my girl Michelle truly does every year with her Oscars party).

From my years working in event planning, orchestrating business meetings to grandiose weddings and showers, the key is in the minute details, living out that theme in all ways through the food, the decor, the stationery, etc. – if time and money allow.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the 5×7 Disneyland Backdrop.


Bring the magic to your home by purchasing this Disneyland backdrop for all of your upcoming parties. After all, Disney is deemed the happiest place on Earth. Might as well make your parties the happiest on Earth and thus ones to live up to!

Even with the setting sun, the photo lighting is just right with this backdrop.

Other odds and ends that you’ll need for hanging: clamps and backdrop stand and voila, you and your guests will be photo ready and plopped into Disneyland without leaving your home zipcode.

Now THAT is some serious Disney magic! Since we can’t go to the Parks at the moment, this would be a great backdrop for you all going through Castle selfie withdrawal!

If you love the 5×7 Disneyland Backdrop as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $19. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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